Caroline Denigan
Educator / Researcher / Designer

Personal Statement
I became interested in architecture while at secondary college and my experiences in the years immediately after this led me to women's studies.  The energy I bring to these disciplines is fed by my personal experiences of homelessness and of raising three children alone.  These experiences have also left me with a deep commitment to working toward social justice.  In publishing the resources listed below I hope to further this process.

        Caroline Denigan

  • Current Research   Architecture, Women's Studies.
  • Selected Publications   Conference presentations, Recent Peer Reviewed Publications, Theses, Other Papers, Reports, Poetry.
  • On-line Projects  Gender and Built Environments, Self-Build Housing, Public Housing, Women.
  • Syllabi  Built Environments, Gender Studies.
  • Personal Information  Biographic Notes, Curriculum Vitae, Teaching Portfolio.
  • Personal Interests  Genealogy, Photography


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